Scholarships Available

Scholarships covering the majority of the program costs are available to individuals who meet the scholarship criteria and are seeking to participate in the Limestone Coast Leadership Program.

Full scholarship recipients are required to contribute $500+GST to this program (payment plans available).
Part scholarship recipients are required to contribute $3500+GST to this program (payment plans available).

  • Extensive research evidences that ‘skin in the game’ is required, however if financial hardship would restrict your participation, please advise.
  • Should more than one participant meet eligibility for a particular scholarship an interview process will determine the successful recipient.
  • Decisions made to determine who is awarded a scholarship or is accepted in the program will be made by the selection panel in consideration of the outcome requirements and philosophies of the program.
    • The selection panel (minimum of 3) may comprise of sponsor partner (where relevant), steering committee members and the Leaders Institute of SA (if desired) and can include Leaders Institute of SA Alumni
    • The selection panel are not required to provide participants reasons for its decision.
  • Acceptance of a Scholarship serves as an agreement to be included or involved in any photo and/or media opportunities should scholarship providers request or require
LCLGA - Limestone Coast Local Government Association


The Limestone Coast Local Government Association is supporting the Limestone Coast Leadership Program.

Limestone Coast Local Government Association Community Leadership Scholarships
Half scholarships are available for eligible community members. Applicants are encouraged to apply who demonstrate they have leadership potential and a commitment to working collaboratively with others for the benefit of the Limestone Coast Region.

Beach Energy

Beach Energy

Formed in 1961, Beach Energy is an ASX listed, oil and gas, exploration and production company headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia. It has operated and non-operated, onshore and offshore, oil and gas production from five producing basins across Australia and New Zealand and is a key supplier to the Australian east coast gas market.

In the south-east, Beach Energy has been an active explorer and producer of natural gas for local industry, commercial properties and Mount Gambier residents, ensuring the supply of local natural gas continues to be undertaken in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner.

Beach Energy Community Leadership Scholarship
Beach Energy is proud to show its commitment to leadership development in the community by offering a scholarship, which is open to a Limestone Coast community member who demonstrates their individual ethos of and for community leadership in anyway.



EML is a national claims management organisation helping people get their lives back for more than a century. Together, our 1500 strong team is committed to the care of more than 60,000 workers across Australia annually. Renowned for consistently delivering customer care with integrity, EML operates nationally in the public and private sectors.

As an Australian owned mutual, EML reinvests part of its profits back into services and research initiatives, which help employers create safer workplaces and initiatives, helping people return to work sooner. Committed to improving work health and safety for the broader community, EML has invested more than $40 million in just five years and is proud to be a major partner of the Collaborative Partnership. Whatever your personal injury services requirements may be, the EML team can help you.

EML Community Leadership Scholarship
The EML Community Leadership Scholarship will be awarded to an individual from the Limestone Coast community who has demonstrated commitment to community and local leadership.

LV Dohnt & Co Pty Ltd

L.V. Dohnt

L. V. Dohnt and Company is a privately owned Family Business who has grown to be one of Australia’s largest infield chipping and logging Companies.

The main production service areas for L V Dohnt & Co are in the south-east of South Australia, Western Victoria and the Great Southern Region of Western Australia.

L.V. Dohnt Leadership Scholarship
L.V. Dohnt is proud to support leadership development in the Limestone Coast and to support this is offering a scholarship to an employee of L.V. Dohnt.

District Council of Grant

District Council of Grant

The District Council of Grant is the most southern local government area in South Australia, located 450km from Adelaide and Melbourne. The Council is predominantly rural with a number of small townships and communities and a population of 8,400 residents.

The land area of 1,898 square kilometres contains some of the richest and most productive agricultural land in South Australia. Along the coast, the Southern Rock Lobster industry plays an important role in the regional economy, as well as the forestry production industries of logging, milling and timber processing.

Features such as the spectacular coastline and other natural assets, such as the Glenelg River and Mount Schank, make the area a popular and growing tourist destination and a recreational playground for local, national and international visitors.

The District Council of Grant Leadership Scholarship
The District Council of Grant is offering a scholarship for an individual who meets the following criteria:

  • An employee of Council or
  • A member of the community who resides in the Council area or
  • An Elected Member of Council

Applicants must demonstrate a passion for the District Council of Grant and a personal commitment towards a positive long-term future of the Limestone Coast region.

City of Mount Gambier

City of Mount Gambier

As South Australia’s second largest City, Mount Gambier has a population of 26,000 people and provides services to a regional catchment of over 60,000. Our Council must be balanced, delivering services needed today while ensuring we look forward and plan for our community’s future needs. With the immediacy of the modern world in part driven by media, social media and the pace of life, we must reinforce Council’s role in shaping Mount Gambier for the next 50 years and beyond.

Developed by Council several years ago is the City’s Futures Paper, our high level aspirational direction developed via extensive community engagement. Broadly our focus is our economy, our community, our location, arts, culture, heritage and environment.

City of Mount Gambier Leadership Scholarship
The City of Mount Gambier is proud to support leadership development in the Limestone Coast and is offering a scholarship to an employee of the City of Mount Gambier Council

Disability Workforce Hub

Disability Workforce Hub

Funded by the State Government and hosted by Regional Development Australia Limestone Coast, the Disability Workforce Hub has been established to provide a one-stop-shop to connect job seekers, employers and training providers to help fill local job opportunities in the expanding disability sector. The Hub Coordinator engages with disability sector employers to identify local workforce needs and training opportunities to help build workforce capacity and capability to meet the demand across the Limestone Coast.

The Disability Workforce Hub Leadership Scholarship
The Disability Workforce Hub would be very pleased to be a partner in the Limestone Coast Leadership Program by providing a scholarship to a person working in the disability sector over the next 3 years.

SE NRM Board

SE NRM Board

As a Board, we provide leadership to promote awareness of sustainable natural resources management practices and set strategic direction for regional natural resources management issues and priorities, as well as funding on-ground activities consistent with these priorities. 

The Board is accountable to the Minister for Environment and Water and is responsible for developing the South East Regional Natural Resources Management Plan that sets the strategic direction for management of our regions natural resources.  This plan guides the work of all who are using our regions natural resources.  The Board develops a three-business plan that sets the direction for funding activities to be delivered on behalf of the Board.

The Board works together with the Department for Environment and Water, Local government, landowners, industry, Non-government organisations and volunteers to deliver these activities.  The primary focus of the boards investment is on encouraging and supporting sustainable  management soils, water and pest management as well as the management of natural environments on private land.

The SE NRM Community Leadership Scholarship
The SE NRM Board is proud to encourage the development of leadership capacity to lead and influence landscape sustainability in the South East by offering a scholarship. The scholarship is open to an individual who can demonstrate the skills required to provide stewardship of the agricultural and environmental sectors, with specialist skills in soil conservation and land management, water resource management, pest animal and plant management, conservation and biodiversity management, coast, estuarine and marine management, fisheries and aquaculture and/or Aboriginal interest in land, water and heritage. (Department for Environment and Water staff are ineligible to apply).

Tatiara District Council

Tatiara District Council

Covering an area of 6,476 square kilometres, the Tatiara district is one of the largest local government areas in South Australia.

It is a prosperous and innovative district, boasting a diverse agricultural base, value added industries ranging from meat processing, seed cleaning and grain milling to timber processing and wine, and a vibrant national road and rail transport network.

Our district has proven fertile ground for entrepreneurs and we are in the enviable position of having run out of space at our industrial estates in Bordertown and Keith. We are in the process of opening stage 3 of the Bordertown Industrial Estate, Stage 2 of the Keith Industrial Estate will follow this year.

Industry means jobs and every day brings new skilled and semi-skilled employment opportunities in the Tatiara that can’t always be filled by our small local population. With affordable housing, urban quality education, health and recreational facilities and the type of friendly and supportive community not found in big cities, Tatiara is the place to work, live and raise a family.

The Tatiara District Council Scholarship

Tatiara District Council is offering a scholarship for an individual who meets the following criteria:

  • A community member residing in the Council area; or
  • An employee/elected member of Council.

Applicants must demonstrate their contribution and commitment to building a stronger Tatiara community.

South Australia Dairy Farmers Association

South Australian Dairy Farmer’s Association

The South Australian Dairy Farmer’s Association (SADA) has a proud history of striving for the rights of SA dairy farmers dating back to 1936. It remains the peak farmer representative organisation for dairy farmers in South Australia and continues to represent farmers’ interest at local, state and national levels. In partnership with Coles SADA manages the SADA Fresh milk brand. Twenty cents from each litre sold goes back into projects that directly support the South Australian Dairy Industry. The roll out of the South Australian Dairy Industry Plan 2019-2024 is one such project, another is support for up and coming leaders in dairy.

Therefore, SADA, in partnership with Limestone Coast Leadership program invite applicants to apply for scholarships in leadership in the dairy industry.

South Australian Dairy Association Leadership Scholarship

The SADA scholarship will be offered to a successful applicant who is able to demonstrate a link for undertaking this leadership program and the benefits to the dairy industry. If an applicant can demonstrate such a link they will be considered for the scholarship.

Stand Like Stone Foundation Leadership Scholarship

The Stand Like Stone Foundation is pleased to be a partner in the Limestone Coast Leadership Program by providing 2 part scholarships for young people to participate in the Limestone Coast Leadership Program. This scholarship is made possible through funds raised at the triple j One Night Stand held in Lucindale in September 2019.

Project Partners