About the Limestone Coast Brand

The Limestone Coast Branding Project

The Limestone Coast Branding Project involved working collaboratively to develop a recognisable regional brand that tells the story of the Limestone Coast – particularly its food, wine and tourism assets and to promote the region to the world. Through consultations undertaken with stakeholders in the region, a picture of the Limestone Coast developed:

  • Home to a wide range of industries, attractions and features
  • Built upon ancient and fertile soil
  • Rich in character and opportunity
  • Heritage listed caves, beaches, walking trails, fishing and camping spots
  • Abundant water supplies and natural resources
  • Lush and green with forests, vineyards, vegetables and crops
  • Hive of business activity with farming, aquaculture, tourism, wine, dairy and fishing
  • Natural beauty and cooler climate

Tagline - Unearth Our Treasures

Echoing the attractive idea of discovering something valuable, yet slightly mysterious or secret, promoted the notion of unearthing hidden treasure – for to a great extent, that is what the Limestone Coast offers. This is enhanced by the recognition of the rich earth and abundant water resources that underpin so much of the Limestone Coast’s appeal. The tagline encourages everyone to unearth and discover the region’s opportunities and attractions – from tourism and investment to its produce and varied industries.

This builds on the desire to make the region a preferred destination, not just a pit stop. The brand uses Limestone Coast’s relative obscurity (for example compared to the Barossa, Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island) to its advantage, by playing on the secrets and hidden treasures that the locals know and are proud of, but are yet to be discovered by the rest of the world. It encourages both residents and visitors to unearth the extraordinary beauty, flavours, stories, produce and opportunities of the region. Limestone Coast producers and operators now can use the regional brand as a co-brand, adding value to their products, services and experiences as well as selling the region as a destination to the wider community.

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