The Limestone Coast Leadership Program intends to...

  • Enhance the capacity of the community to identify opportunities and address challenges
  • Support the development of emerging leaders to effect change
  • Invest in the leadership skills of a more diverse cohort in our community
  • Foster greater collaboration across business, industry, government & the community
  • Develop strong networks with the ability to influence
  • To build a culture of active citizenship, shared purpose & community action
  • Provide insights into the issues that are important to the region’s economy, communities and environment
  • Enable participants to explore how they fit within their organisations and broader community
  • Develop self-awareness among participants, while challenging their ideas, assumptions and thinking
  • Enhance the capacity of the community to identify opportunities and address challenges

Please note: The next program dates are yet to be determined, but will be advertised extensively when applications open.

The principles for the Limestone Coast Leadership Program are:

  • Leadership starts from within: leaders must understand themselves before trying to influence others
  • Collaborative: cross-sectoral, diverse experiences, entire region
  • Challenging: it’s important to take participants out of their comfort zones
  • Respectful: of participants’ and presenters’ time and expertise
  • Well designed: clearly communicated program, based on adult learning principles, with meaningful project work linked to regional issues and ideas
  • Supportive: mentoring and/or coaching to support implementation of learning
  • Quality: presenters, venues, workshops, activities and experiences

Topics to be delivered are:

  • Personal Leadership Styles/Behavioural Analysis
  • Motivating / Managing and Mentoring
  • Governance and Finance
  • Presentations and Public Speaking
  • Building Relationships and Influencing
  • Managing Change
  • Emotional Intelligence
    (Understanding yourself and others)
  • Community Growth and Economic Development
  • Group Projects on Regional Issues and Opportunities

Project Partners