About The Program

The Limestone Coast Leadership Program’s (LCLP) aim is to ‘Unearth our treasures’ by supporting and building community capacity. This leadership program is essentially about stretching the capabilities of our leaders and emerging leaders to ensure they have the relevant skills, emotional intelligence, cross-sector collaboration skills and abilities to work with, and influence others for the benefit of the region.

This innovative program, delivered throughout the region by the Leaders Institute of South Australia, will be open to individuals who are ready to broaden their leadership capabilities and impact through personal growth, self-empowerment and relationship building. The program intends to:

  • Support the development of emerging leaders to effect change
  • Invest in the leadership of a more diverse cohort in our community
  • Foster greater collaboration across business, industry, government & the community
  • Develop strong networks with the ability to influence
  • Build a culture of active citizenship, shared purpose & community action
  • Provide insights into the issues that are important to the region’s economy, communities & environment
  • Enable participants to explore how they fit within their organisations and broader community
  • Develop self-awareness among participants, while challenging their ideas, assumptions & thinking
  • Enhance the capacity of the community to identify opportunities and address challenges

A framework has been developed that enables delivery of a long-term sustainable leadership program, supported by business, community, government and philanthropic organisations in the Limestone Coast with regional economic and social benefits.

The Limestone Coast Economic Development Group (a formal sub-committee of the Limestone Coast Local Government Association LCLGA) identified ‘mobilising regional leaders’ as one of its priority projects, with the objective of establishing a highly regarded regional leaders program that caters for emerging and existing leaders, supported by an active alumni network and regional business and industry.

Many rural, regional and remote communities struggle to develop and retain leadership capacity both in quantity of leaders and extent of their skills.  Extensive research has evidenced a demand for a regional leadership program in the Limestone Coast and that such a program would benefit business, the broader economy and communities in our region.  Ongoing sustainable regional leadership programs of this quality have shown to create significant economic and community benefits in other states.

There is great leadership potential in the Limestone Coast and this program intends to invest in the leadership skills of a more diverse cohort in our community.

Project Partners