What Is Expected Of Participants


Participants commit to;

  • Full program requirements including induction and industry session and 5 x 1 day workshop sessions
  • Preparation prior to workshop sessions (reading, reflection, action learning)
  • Consecutive day workshops (Overnight stays required x 2)
  • Community & Regional Project, Presentation and Graduation Dinner

It is expected that participants commit to the entire program however, the following attendances are compulsory:

  • Two x two consecutive days workshops
  • Induction and industry session
  • Project participation and presentation and graduation
  • A minimum of 80% of all others sessions must be attended.

Failure to meet the attendance requirements (for whatever reason) may result in being asked to withdraw and/or may not be awarded Fellowship/Alumni on completion of the program year.

    Acceptance to participate in the program acknowledges a payment is required, as per invoice or payment plan arrangements, regardless of completion.
    Acceptance of scholarship to participate in the program acknowledges that a payment is required as per invoice or payment plan arrangements.
    Scholarship recipients to note: due to the demand for scholarships, completion of program is required, failure to do so may incur a fee. This will be at the discretion of the steering committee

Applications to waiver the above-mentioned costs, must be provided in writing with reasoning to the Limestone Coast Leadership Program Steering Committee. Decisions made by the steering committee to waive or not waive fees will be final and binding.

Code of Conduct

As part of the Limestone Coast Leadership Program, we treat each other with respect and courtesy by:

  • Speaking to people politely and with respect
  • Respecting the Limestone Coast Leadership Programs rules and guidelines (including, but not limited to, those on attendance, participation and dress code)
  • Ensuring a harassment and bullying free Program

As a participant of the program, we work together positively by:

  • Each being a reliable program and team member
  • Doing our fair share of the work
  • Listening to others and using appropriate language
  • Respecting the differences individuals can bring to a team – and the program in general

Program providers will:

  • Make decisions that are fair, consistent and impartial
  • Deal with issues and problems promptly, effectively, impartially and confidentially

Project Partners