About Us

The LCRSA provides aspiring young athletes that have demonstrated sporting talent and physical abilities the chance to access elite localised training and development programs and coaches from the Limestone Coast region.

The LCRSA has four main objectives:

  • To identify regional sporting talent
  • To educate and develop youth in the region
  • To provide pathways to State and national representation
  • To develop the skills of regional coaches

The LCRSA will offer high performance sports programs annually, in addition to on field training and strength and conditioning program, athletes are exposed to personal development education sessions which provide tools to excel in sport and in life.

The LCRSA exists to provide development, support and opportunities within identified sports. Every sport is different, but all have a set of national / and or state development pathways that provide the basis for identifying talent and establishing the LCRSA specific sports skill based programs. The LCRSA takes time to understand the overall structure of each participating sport and works with the state and /or national body to formulate a program that will provide maximum benefits to the athletes. By taking this approach the LCRSA is able to deliver a high-performance training environment that otherwise might be out of reach for regional athletes.

As an independent, autonomous organisation the LCRSA will continue to work in partnership with State Sporting Organisations (SSO’s), local sporting associations and clubs to assist athletes reach their sporting potential in a local setting.

The LCRSA is a new and exciting concept for regional South Australia, committed to ensuring that every athlete and coach who are a part of the Academy receive the highest level of support and development.

The LCRSA is so much more than ‘on field’ skill development. The Academy is just as focused on the overall personal development of an athlete and turning them into positive community members and great future employees and leaders during and after their sporting career. By providing opportunities for talented athletes and building the capacity of regional sport, Regional Sporting Academies keep families in regions longer, therefor making the Limestone Coast a more attractive place to live, work and invest.

‘Sport is about regional capacity but its also about building community value’