Wake Up Call for All

Wake up call for all

15th January 2018

South Australia recorded an alarming spike in road deaths in 2017, with 101 lives lost compared to 86 in 2016. The Limestone Coast was not spared of this trauma with 6 lives lost last year.

While there was a State-wide reduction in serious injuries recorded in 2017 - 573 serious injuries compared to 713 in 2016, the Limestone Coast went against that trend with an increase that saw 33 people seriously injured amongst the number of SE casualties.

Police and members of regional emergency services and Local Government in the Limestone Coast joined in with the recent plea made by Chris Picton the South Australian Road Safety Minister for safer driving in 2018. Minister Picton said the 15 more deaths compared to the previous year should be a stark wake up call for everyone.

Closer to home, preliminary data released by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) revealed a surprising trend here in the Limestone Coast; the over representation of older drivers. Of the 6 fatalities in the south east, 4 were over 40, none were under 25. Of the 33 serious crash injuries, 22 were over 40 years of age and only 5 were under the age of 25.

“There is a misconception held by many that road safety is a problem for younger drivers” said Rob Forgan, Limestone Coast Regional Community Road Safety Officer. “When you look at the data for last year, clearly this isn’t so.” “It indicates that we have more mature drivers making some sort of mistake, leading to a needless fatality or life changing crash injury.” “Every single driver must take responsibility for their own actions and not take the view that crashes are things that happen to someone else, especially younger and inexperienced drivers”

What is disturbing are the decisions that are made by individuals that make it worse at the time of a crash. “Last year close on 40% drivers and passengers killed were not wearing seat belts,” said police Superintendent Grant Moyle, Officer In Charge, Limestone Coast Local Service Area. “Despite our best efforts in enforcement and education and those of the Motor Accident Commission we don’t seem to be getting through.” “Speed is another issue, everyone knows that speed at the point of impact is critical to survival, it often determines life or death, fatalities or the seriousness of injury.” “Many lives could have been saved last year if people had worn seatbelts and stayed within speed limits,” he said.

“If you are going to get behind the wheel of a vehicle or ride a motorbike and drive in a reckless manner that is inexcusable!” “Nor should we accept that the potential for death and serious injury is an inevitable outcome of driving.’ “Making sensible decisions every day we travel on the road is everyone’s responsibility, not just some of the time, but all of the time.” “This year, we want everyone to get to their homes and their families safe, every day they travel and we are determined in our efforts to keep people safe on our roads,” concluded the Superintendent.



Superintendent Grant Moyle, Officer in Charge, Limestone Coast Local Service Area Phone: (08) 87351010

Rob Forgan, Regional Community Road Safety Officer, Limestone Coast Local Government Association Mobile: 0408673113: roadsafety@lclga.sa.gov.au