Sport and Recreation

STARCLUB Field Officer Program

The STARCLUB Field Officer Program is a partnership between the Office for Recreation and Sport and Regional Councils.
The program is an excellent example of how State and Local Governments are working collaboratively to achieve strong results for regional communities.

Since 2012, the program has closely aligned with the STARCLUB Club Development Program and has delivered significant outcomes for the Office for Recreation and Sport, Local Government and clubs and associations in regional communities. The STARCLUB Field Officer will provide support to Limestone Coast Clubs, by giving them opportunities to have a clear vision going forward, be financially stable and have a strong membership base with a pool of volunteers sharing the load. The STARCLUB Field Officer is a conduit between clubs, councils, associations and the Office of Recreation and Sport.

The STARCLUB FIELD Officer provides support through;

  • Funding/Ongoing Finance Stability
  • Grant Awareness Sharing
  • Grant Application Support
  • Access to wider range of grants through STARCLUB
  • Maintenance of Facilities
  • Equipment Funding
  • Education and Training for financial stability

Success Stories

Successful Limestone Coast Clubs in the 2nd Round of Active Club Grants 2014

  • Keith Table Tennis Club Sport Equipment $2,905
  • Mount Gambier Gun Club Sport Equipment $4,248
  • Mount Gambier Touch Association Ground Maintenance Equipment, Medical Training and Equipment, Sport Equipment $3,500
  • South Gambier Football Club Volunteer Management and Training, Sport Equipment $3,350


  • Sourcing and Retaining Volunteers support
  • Running Nationwide Accredited Training and Education locally
  • Information on Education and Training Courses around the State
  • Providing templates for Job descriptions for volunteers
  • Volunteer Management Policy Assistance
  • Recognition and Reward ideas for volunteers
  • Providing information on Succession Plans and Complaints / Conflict Procedure


*Free Child Safe Officer and Coach Education Training offered in each region at least Bi-Annually. Courses to be run in Mount Gambier, Naracoorte and Keith May 2015

*Workshops run after hours to help engage volunteers. STARCLUB Workshop run in Millicent 13th March from 7pm


  • Occupational Work, Health and Safety for club staff and volunteers.
  • Child Protection
  • Constitutions. Update, review or start from scratch.
  • Incorporation
  • Affiliation with State or National bodies
  • Discrimination Act
  • Risk Management
  • Licensing requirements for clubs selling Alcohol


*A number of Limestone Coast clubs were/are unaware that they didn’t/don’t have the correct legal Child Protection policies in place whilst running junior programs. Through the STARCLUB program they are made aware of their obligations of all the legal requirements for clubs. With the data gathered by the STARCLUB database, we are able to plan specific courses in regions where they are needed to help clubs meet compliance requirements.


  • Long term and Short term Maintenance of Facilities
  • Strategic Planning
  • Job Descriptions
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Good Sports Program
  • Play by the Rules program


  • Templates and support with preparing and writing planning documents have been given to over 50 clubs in the Limestone Coast from the 16th February through to 31st August alone.

Links to useful websites for clubs and associations