Limestone Coast Climate Adaptation Committee (LCCAC)

Over the last two years, the Limestone Coast Local Government Association (LCLGA), Regional Development Australia Limestone Coast (RDALG), the South East NRM Board (SENRMB) and the Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) have been working together with the community to develop the Limestone Coast Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan (LCRCCAP). The Regional Adaptation Plan identifies adaptation options for the Limestone Coast to address key vulnerabilities or opportunities presented by a changing climate.

The LCRCCAP identified 10 key decision areas for action for the Limestone Coast:

  1. Coastal Landscapes
  2. Vulnerable members of the community
  3. Water security
  4. Irrigated agriculture, horticulture and viticulture
  5. Marine habitats & fisheries
  6. Natural ecosystems
  7. Recreation, open space and public realm
  8. Road infrastructure
  9. Tourism
  10. Wetlands

A Sector Agreement was signed between the Government of South Australia (represented by the Minister for Climate Change), LCLGA, RDALC and SENRMB at Bordertown on 11 September 2016. The Agreement will operate as a memorandum of understanding between the partners and sets out the partners’ commitment and governance arrangements for implementing the actions in the LCRCCAP.

The Limestone Coast Climate Adaptation Committee (LCCAC) will:

  • Provide strategic decision making and direction towards implementing the LCRCCAP
  • Prepare a three-year action plan to guide activities towards the areas of focus set out in the LCRCCAP and others as required, and clearly identify relevant and feasible actions and measurable outcomes.
  • Establish criteria to measure success for reporting of progress against the Sector Agreement
  • Provide recommendations to inform the annual business planning processes of the LCLGA, RDALC and SENRMB on initiatives that may have a budget impact
  • Review progress of the Sector Agreement on a yearly basis and provide annual progress reports to the Minister
  • As necessary, develop working groups or subcommittees to involve expert knowledge and involvement of other stakeholders to assist with implementation of specific objectives of the Sector Agreement or Action Plan.

The LCCAC undertakes to:

  • work in partnership to deliver initiatives for climate adaptation in the region.
  • ensure briefings and advice to the Government of South Australia on local government developments and discussions relevant to the Sector Agreement.
  • provide information and advice to the Government of South Australia regarding progress and development of initiatives under this agreement, including through annual reports of progress (until 30 June 2019).

The Limestone Coast Regional Climate Adaptation Plan

LCLGA Climate Adaptation Committee -Terms of Reference

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