Regional Tourism

‘With over half a million visitors each year to the Limestone Coast, tourism is a significant contributor to the regional economy. Our Tourism Industry Development Manager works with tourism operators and organisations to build business capacity that leads to employment growth, assists with industry communication and facilitates development through investment.’

Limestone Coast Local Government Tourism Management Group (LCTMG)

The Limestone Coast Local Government Tourism Management Group (LCTMG) support the work of the Tourism Industry Development Manager (TIDM) and the 2015-2017 Work plan and specifically:

  • Increase 2-way communication across the region and a closer connection to regional tourism activities:
    • Build and strengthen the network of tourism expertise across the region
    • Identify opportunities to collaborate and create efficiencies
  • Develop and implement a Limestone Coast Regional Tourism Strategy.
  • Review and guide the implementation of the 2015-2017 Work plan.
  • Engage with the tourism industry and encourage a collaborative approach to further developing the visitor economy.
  • Provide advice on marketing the region as a destination to visit, live, invest and stay.
  • Develop and strengthen strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, such as the South Australia Tourism Commission, Regional Development Australia and relevant industry groups like the Limestone Coast Collaborative etc.


The position is a three-way partnership between the Limestone Coast Local Government Association, the South Australian Tourism Commission and Regional Development Australian Limestone Coast.

Current Projects / Initiatives

Preparation work has begun for attendance at a number of Travel Trade Events and Consumer Travel Shows in 2016. Once again, the region will apply for attendance at the Largest Travel Trade Event in Australia – The Australian Tourism Exchange, along with European Product Workshop, Australia Marketplace and Discover SA. On a domestic level, the region will seek representation at annual Caravan, Camping and 4WD shows which are held in most capital cities.

LCLGA Priorities to Grow Our Visitor Economy by 2020 - Plan

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